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Mr. Latch conceived VetPower USA while advising the Marine Corps' Mojave Viper program where he is credited with improving outcome effects responsible for steeply reduced war casualties.

Daniel is a U.S. Marine with experiences as DoD/NATO Advisor, Fortune 100 Training and Organizational Development Executive and expert on creating and managing rapid change.

Entrepreneurial Strategies


For over 30 years, CEO SPACE has conducted “must-attend” conferences for CEOs and entrepreneurs five times each year. 

CEOSPACE is providing VetPower USA participants access to their extensive video training library of some of the biggest and brightest minds in the business world.  

Change Management

The Institute for Productive Tension


For over 30 years IPT has provided its breakthrough training to boards of directors, executives, and teams at prestigious organizations. Now they're ready for veterans.

IPT's unique targeting system simplifies transfer of certain business concepts and skills from military to civilian models of excellence.  Each participant receives basic training which provides a common language and tools for success.

Emotional Wellness

 VetPower USA Founder, Daniel Latch, sought out Dr. Kelly Burris for his evidence-based work on emotional wellness and advised on creation of a version for veterans which is all about : 

  1. Not psychotherapy & no drugs 
  2. Available remotely and to groups
  3. Objectives are clear and doable
  4. Establishes a new personal normal
  5. Each session produces objectively measurable results

Prerequisites and service contract required 

Power Coaching


Advanced military and business leadership experience is excellent preparation for coaching and veterans coaching veterans is veterans helping veterans. 

In-person training in Dallas, Tx blends the NLP, science of success and rapid change (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with coaching's core competencies. 

Prerequisites and service contract required

Business Planning

 Real-world proven, fully scripted and formatted, modular and scalable software tools, apps and templates to:

  1. Organize your ideas
  2. Model your business
  3. Get funding
  4. Attract customers
  5. Build support
  6. Scout a path and stay on course


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