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Tactical methods: Strategic objectives

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Daniel Latch, Founder

Mr. Latch conceived VetPower USA while advising the Marine Corps' Mojave Viper program where he is credited with improving outcome effects responsible for steeply reduced war casualties.

Daniel is a U.S. Marine with experiences as DoD/NATO Advisor, Fortune 100 Training and Organizational Development Executive and expert on creating and managing rapid change.

Entrepreneurial Strategies

For over 30 years, CEO SPACE has conducted “must-attend” conferences for CEOs and entrepreneurs five times each year. 

CEOSPACE is providing VetPower USA participants access to their extensive video training library of some of the biggest and brightest minds in the business world.  

Change Management

For over 30 years IPT has provided its breakthrough training to boards of directors, executives, and teams at prestigious organizations. Now they're ready for veterans.

IPT's unique targeting system simplifies transfer of certain business concepts and skills from military to civilian models of excellence.  Each participant receives basic training which provides a common language and tools for success.

Emotional Wellness

VetPower USA Founder, Daniel Latch, sought out Dr. Kelly Burris for his evidence-based work on emotional wellness and advised on creation of a version for veterans which is all about : 

  1. Not psychotherapy & no drugs 
  2. Available remotely and to groups
  3. Objectives are clear and doable
  4. Establishes a new personal normal
  5. Each session produces objectively measurable results

Prerequisites and service contract required

Power Coaching

Advanced military and business leadership experience is excellent preparation for coaching and veterans coaching veterans is veterans helping veterans. 


In-person training in Dallas, Tx blends the NLP, science of success and rapid change (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with coaching's core competencies. 

Prerequisites and service contract required

Business Planning

Real-world proven, fully scripted and formatted, modular and scalable software tools, apps and templates to:

  1. Organize your ideas
  2. Model your business
  3. Get funding
  4. Attract customers
  5. Build support
  6. Scout a path and stay on course

Veterans Served US - Serve Veterans - Support Their Missions

Independent Professionals and Firms - Show Veterans you value their service by pledging the services they need across key areas of entrepreneurship: Legal, Business Management, Human Resources, Legal, Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Communication, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Networking, Earning Opportunities. Donations may affect taxes.

VETERANS be one of the 10,000 Veteran Entrepreneur Success Stories we are pledged to write!

Veterans, this program is about YOU! It's about fueling, sustaining, refining and accelerating your dreams, aspiration, needs, intentions, drives, desires.  It's about YOU and WHAT YOU WANT. It's about Mission - Brotherhood - Freedom - Support - Independence - Economic Power - Success - Community - and it is standing with fellow Warriors for prosperity and community.

Use contact form to tell us about YOU and WHAT YOU WANT. Discover how we can contribute to YOUR NEXT STEP. 

VetPower USA™

(424) 278-0878

About Us: Vision, Mission, Objectives

Committed to Veteran Success : Dedicated to Developing Entrepreneurs

VetPowerUSA is a NonProfit Veterans Economic Development Organization -- more than an Incubator

  • Our Vision is veterans helping veterans live their personal, social, and economic dreams. 
  • Our Mission is providing access to training, coaching, and mentoring in line with each veterans needs. 
  • Our Objective is to partner in the personal and entrepreneurial success of 10,000 veterans.
  • Our Goal is to engage veterans on a path that fits them on a journey that compels them.
  • Our Purpose is investing in local veteran assets and opportunities.

Who Can Join the Veterans Entrepreneur Corp

  • Sponsored veterans may enroll bonafide relatives under the same account. 
  • Non-veterans permissions and privileges are set by the account holder.
  • Scholarships shall be granted to veterans on a selective basis.
  • Active duty service members with command approval, as required.

Veterans Participate in VetPower's Veterans Entrepreneur Development Corps to:

  • Receive the training, coaching, and mentoring needed to overcome challenges on YOUR JOURNEY. 
  • Align with YOUR true mission from where you are right now --  it's time to take YOUR stand
  • Receive support to achieve your next critical objective and the next, etc. --  your virtual rear-guard
  • VetPower's Virtual BootCamp and continual involvement for excellence. -- continuous improvement
  • Receive additional training, coaching, mentoring and earning opportunities.
  • Work in teams with other veterans and advisors to complete practical application projects.
  • Gain exposure to dream career and lifestyle opportunities available nowhere else.

What Participants can Anticipate

Participate learn to play the game of enterprise to win! -- Start small & Go big!

Get what it takes to overcome challenges and move forward -- Skills, Intel, Resources (SIR)

We load the dice in your favor with support that is on target -- Aim, Ready, Fire (ARF)

  • Each level of development completed reveals new challenges and earning opportunities.
  • Non-mandatory levels develop as personal challenges which must be overcome to advance.
  • Results, experiences, intentions, and guidance focus activity on the next step to optimize effectiveness. 
  • Some levels are mandatory but most develop to meet individual requirements. 
  • All required training, coaching and mentoring are benefits of participation. 
  • Rewards for achievement can be exchanged for HUB Resources (eg online programs, participants' store, personal or business website, etc.)
  • Practical application exercises ensure failing forward with learning to the bone in critical areas prior to exposing your dream to the harsh realities of independent business and entrepreneurial success.

Helping Veterans Thrive Into Abundance

Veterans underemployment, unemployment, joblessness, homelessness, and suicide are tragedies with a common collection of environmental issues suggesting high potential solutions applicable in every community. 

  1. Loss of Commaraderie:
    VetPower is veterans helping veterans, providing a growth vehicle for building a personal support network and never feel alone again.
  2. Loss of Purpose and Identity:
    VetPower members discover and pursue work with meaning beyond pay and align their self image and intentions with other warriors purposely pursuing their personal lives and causes: Vetrepreneurs.
  3. Loss of Leadership:
    VetPower provides access to responsive and respected leaders, coaches, advisors, and mentors providing guidance, personal sounding boards, targeted feedback and suggestions for improving situations and taking advantage of opportunities. Individualized success plans.
  4. Loss of Relevance:
    VetPower helps members process military skills, experiences, attitudes, and perspectives to align with their personal integrity and life compass settings. 
  5. Loss of Power:
    VetPower will partner with 10,000 successful veteran entrepreneurs and more who are dedicated to growth and committed to helping their veteran community thrive and prosper. 
  6. Loss of Support:
    Vetpower prepares its members to meet their commitment to sharing and helping other veterans thrive toward abundance. 
  7. Loss of Income:
    VetPower provides earning opportunities to encourage members to practice critical skills leading to greater success in life and business.
  8. Loss of Pride:
    VetPower training prepares members to share lessons learned in their communities, allowing them to contribute to the abundance and thrive-ability of their local veteran communities through personal example and support for economic development.


Empowering Veteran Entrepreneurs

In the forseeable future, VetPower will be able to support operations without donations but until then we need your support to build out the dream and make it go.

Here's how you can help us help Veterans build their dreams.

  1. Join our team of advisors and pledge your pro-bono legal, advertising, marketing, and other services to our organization and participants. 
  2. Pledge a portion of your business revenue and let your customers and clients know with a handsome window applique, plaque, and signed certificate.
  3. Partner with VetPower to support the success of a business, project, participant or team. 
  4. Endow VetPower with a financial contribution for promoting, recruiting, training, supporting participants and their businesses.

What We Need Today

 We’re need your TAX TRANSFER to stimulate 




  • 100 Donors of $1000  ... Or more
  • 200 Donors of $500  ... Or more
  • 400 Donors of $250  ... Or more
  • 1000 Donors of $100  ... Or more
  • 10.000 Donors of $10  ... Or more

Your donation will support training, coaching, mentoring, and a lifetime program for personal and business development. 

Basic services per member value of services and programs >$20,000

Cost/memberships <$2,000>

<$18,000 donor value?>